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Oh? How did you get here? 

You found a secret page! I guess since your here im gonna share a little more about myself 

About me

My name is Carson!

Howdy, my name is Carson!  I am a mixed media artist. I attendened the college for creative studies and have a bachelors in illustration. I am also an ameture metal smith as well specializing in jewlery design.  

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A little bit about my

I am a bit of a foodie! thats why food is such a heavy theme in my work

I enjoy Vegetarian alternatives to all you favorite dishes!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. 

My favorite food is extra hot tofu pad thai!


Some Extra Facts About Me

I am a Libra with an Aries moon and an Aquarius rising. 

I am half Filapino and half Irish

My sisters name is Mckenna 

My pet Chow Chow is named Ube the Dark Lord

My Hobbies

I Love to Cook!

I dont just draw food I cook it too!

my specialty is stir fry noodles, but I make a variety of other tasty vegetarian dishes!

Unfortunety I am allergic to tomatoes :(

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