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Ube the 
Dark Lord

Howdy, Meet Ube! he is a handsome little Chow Chow pup!

 Ube loves attention! but he loses interest very fast

His Name

Ube the Dark Lord

Ube is a sweet potato, a Purple sweet potato from the Phillapines!   ( Also I'm obsessed with seet potatos )

Chow Chows have Purple toungs!


What does Ube like?

Get to know Ube!

Ube enjoys taking taking walks down the street to see his doggo cousins! My uncles and Grandma also have dogs and live on my street. So everyday Ube gets to play with his cousins Aurora, Ava, and Luna!

Ube also has talking buttons. his favorite button to hit is "outside" the door can be wide open, he can go outside, he just dosent want to go alone. 

he may hit the "outside" button but he dosent actually want to go outside, he just wants to enjoy the outside air from the comfort of our air condioner 

Some kid on the street.


how does Ube spend his day?

every day Ube gaurds our doors! he is a really good gaurd dog, he always lets us know when an animal is in the yard!

  I cant lie we spoil the little pup! He has a ton of plushies to play with! Tennis balls to roll around, and plenty bones to chew. Sometimes we tie one of his plushies on a string so he can chase it. 

How does Ube spend his day?

Favorite Toy!

His Racoon plushie

The toy that Ube plays with the most is his Racoon Plushie. he likes to toss him up in the air and try to catch him. 

Sometimes Ube will gather all of his toys into a pile on the deck . 

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