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Nah but FR tho!

I had to get the buisness stuff outta the way and besides this is a secret about me for a reason right lol 


 I'm a chaotic coffee addict, this is what helps me make it through the day. Im a 23 year old who goes to bed only hours before she has to get up in order to make time for all the random things I like to do. I enjoy being busy.

When im not working, cooking, or making art I like to go out with my friends. I'm a city girl who love night life, what can i say, escept.... Shots?

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My go to drink is a Moscow Mule but if we are talking shots I love Sweetarts! 

 I also love rumplemints.... but we arn't gonna talk about that 


Like i said im a city girl, so catch me downtown Detroit. who knows where I might pop out but if you see me come say hi!

a few places i might be:

hopcat- i like their food

artist ally- they have bars, clubs, and restraunts all in one spot

vault of midnight - they have cool comics 

CCS and the DIA bc duh 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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